Friday, December 3, 2010

Mind Over Fat Matters by Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez

Finally, a book of common sense advice for not only losing weight but overcoming the hardest battle of all: the mindset that often undermines any success.  Whether the challenge is emotional or compulsive eating, fear of failure, guilt over past failure, or lack of motivation, Dr. Lavinia Rodriguez offers a plan that is revolutionary in its simplicity.

I have to confess I've read a lot of books on dieting and health but this one has inspired me the most and given me the most hope for success.  Rodriguez doesn't ask the reader to give up anything.  In fact, she makes a strong point in saying that the more we make food "good" vs. "bad" - the more we punish ourselves by eating what we don't really like while depriving ourselves of what we really want - the more likely we are to fail. 

This isn't a diet plan that outlines food choices, portions, calorie counts, etc.  Most people already know how the technical side of weight loss works: eat less and be more active.  Instead, Mind Over Fat Matters offers tools for getting past the emotional and mental blocks that hinder success, and helps the reader determine why he or she wants to lose weight, what is realistic, what they hope to gain as a result.  After each chapter Rodriguez asks the reader to answer for themselves three questions based on what they just read: What I want to remember, what I want to do, how this will enrich my life.  For me this approach was different than any other "diet" book I had read and the most helpful. 

Chapter topics include how to eat well without trying so hard, why rules can be the enemy, eliminating obsession with food, dealing with shame and guilt, and the psychology of weighing on the scale, to name a few.

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