Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Distortion by Terri Blackstock (Moonlighters Series)

Distortion by Terri Blackstock (Moonlighters Series), Zondervan, $15.99 list price, paperback.

Juliet Cole has spent most of her adult life as a devoted wife to a successful doctor and mother of two sons, but her world changes forever when she witnesses the murder of her husband of fifteen years. As she deals with the trauma of the loss and tries to make sense of what she believed was a random shooting, she discovers a threatening voicemail message on her deceased husband's phone, hinting that his death was in fact a planned execution, and that she and her sons could now be in danger as well.

Juliet turns to her family to help find answers as she finds herself the focus of questioning from the FBI as the details of her husband's secret life in the drug world come to light and the devastation of betrayal consumes her. As if this isn't enough, she must also fight to protect her family from an enemy who will stop at nothing to retrieve the drugs and money they believe she has.

This is the second book in Blackstock's Moonlighters Series and for me, was even better than the first. One thing I like about this author is how she builds the suspense even when we know who the bad guys are, bringing it to an exciting end with an element of surprise.

This book is of the Christian Fiction/Suspense genre and I appreciate that the references to faith fit in naturally with the characters while not being preachy or compromising, and in a way that would also appeal to non-Christians who just want a great suspense storyline. Blackstock also isn't afraid to be realistic with the characters and storyline, and doesn't hold back on addressing real issues. Sometimes difficult people remain flawed, good people get hurt and even die, and justice isn't always realized, but in the end the one thing that remains true is faith in God despite the challenges, which is as it should be in real life.

Fans of a good suspense mystery will enjoy this series in general and this book in particular. While it always helps to have read previous books in a series, enough background information is given in this one so as not to confuse the first time reader.


  1. Hello Books and Chocolate lover,

    Do you know that you changed my life?

    I found your blog a few years ago and was amazed at the number of books you were reviewing. I wrote to you and you told me about how to become a reviewer. I've enjoyed and reviewed dozens and dozens of books and even homeschool curriculum since then.

    Thank you for being willing to share with me.

    Blessings to you from Harvest Lane Cottage,

    1. Thank you for saying so, Laura. I'm happy it has worked out for you!


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